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Mintay Papers is a brand managed by CraftLab company located in west Poland, Europe.

We are a manufacturer of scrapbooking and cardmaking papers. All phases of production and distribution, from design, through printing, to packaging and shipping, take place in Poland.

We sell and ship our products worldwide to 60+ countries all over the world.

We are a family company - as partners in both life and bussiness.

The founder of the Mintay Papers brand is Karola Witczak - well known worldwide scrapbooking designer and craft teacher with over a dozen years of experience in the papercraft industry. At Mintay Papers, Karola is responsible for brand product development, she design all the products and supports the sales department.

The CraftLab CEO, Marcin Machnacz at Mintay Papers, manages logistics and oversees all transactions.

At the Mintay Papers headquarters, we employ people with passion and commitment who ensure efficient communication between the sales department and the warehouse, efficient and timely shipments, and constantly updated inventory. Our marketing department takes care of updating social media every day, manages a group of Mintay Papers fan community on Facebook - Mintay Papers Inspo Place and manages a Dream Team - group of talented and experienced designers from around the world, thanks to whom we can inspire daily with awesome projects made of our products.

What is unique about our products? Their versatility. We create them in such a way that it’s possible to use them in the maximum way. Someone creative once said, "Give me a sheet of scrapbooking paper and I will create everything." This is our brand philosophy. We want to provide a product from which all papercrafters can create a lot and the only limit is the imagination of the creator. With our papers, everyone can easily create rich, dimensional and impressive projects, but they are also great for children's creative activity and as a product base for creative workshops.

The themes and motifs of our collections are full of details, positive vibrations and warmth - we want them to be associated with a warm, cozy atmosphere. We are inspired by the surrounding reality, but only by its positive aspects - nature, beautiful old buildings, doors, windows, interiors with a unique atmosphere, versatile fashion and interior trends.

Mintay Papers fans appreciate our - as they call them - "paper worlds" that we present in our collections. Each collection is an introduction to individual story, ready to be combined with personal memories, photos, keepsakes and emotions.

Our collections are about fresh and innovative ideas as well as high quality paper and print, but even more importantly, they are created by enthusiasts – for creative papercrafters.

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